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  • What Are Important Telescope Parts and Their Functions?

    What Are Important Telescope Parts and Their Functions

    A telescope collects electromagnetic radiations to allow observation of remote objects using its optical enhancement. It has numerous parts which conducts different functions to allow the viewer to see different objects.

    Important Parts of a Telescope and their Functions

    A telescope has numerous different parts which conduct different functions. However, all parts are not important especially while considering the ultimate function of the telescope. Keep in mind that there are many different types of telescopes for what you are looking for. For example, you will need a different telescope for astro-photography than if you are a beginner trying to look at the moon or if you are buying a telescope for your kid it will be different that for someone that has been using a telescope for a few years. So keep that in mind and try to find the best telescope for your needs and read telescope reviews before you commit to buying something that is so expensive.

    The following are the important parts of the telescope with their functions:

    1. The Lens

    As the basis for the telescope main view, the lens is among the most important parts of the telescope. The lens constitutes of convex lens, concave lens, concave mirror, focusing distance, field of view, magnification, and resolution. It collects and controls the movement of light and the view in which the sky is viewed.

    2. Telescope Tube

    The telescope tube has the main mirror. Normally, the telescope tube has 8 inches diameter and it has a tube cover. The telescope tube enhances the setting of the focal length through controlling the knob which is usually below the visual back. Therefore, the telescope tube makes an important part of the telescope functionality.

    3. Finderscope

    This is a minor telescope which is mounted on the main tube. The finderscope is used to locate the main object which is to be viewed. It locates and directs the telescope to the main object for clear view.

    4. Eyepiece

    What Are Important Telescope Parts and Their FunctionsThe eyepiece is a part of the ocular lens. It provides the lock for security of the telescope. The eyepiece prevents the ocular lens from falling down and eventually breaking down or disappearing. It also enhances clear view from the lens to the object.

    5. Mounting

    The mounting is also referred to as the cradle telescope. It allows for the movement of the telescope towards different sides and directions. The mounting has the regulating knob latitude. This knob indicates the position of the observer latitude.

    With this information, it is possible for a viewer to determine whether the object to be viewed lies on that position or not. The knob also allows the telescope to remain in balance and to set the correct hour-angle-clock-angle direction for effective viewing. Therefore, mounting is basically used for enhancing the efficiency of a telescope.

    6. Tripod

    The tripod is made of at least three stands. It holds and retains the telescope on its surface. The tripod is made in a way that it can support the telescope in slanted, straight, or inverted positions. At the same time, an observer can easily move the telescope to different directions with ease.

    7. Half Pillar

    Half pillar is used to raise or lower the mounting position. This sets the telescope in position on the tripod to work as required.


    Since the 16th century, telescopes have been used especially in the field of space exploration or astronomy. Today, telescopes are used by space and astronomical departments to get information about space. They are also used by learners and visitors to watch and enjoy viewing space and different heavenly bodies.