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  • 7 Sites That Will Teach You Coding for Free

    Sites That Will Teach You Coding for Free

    Coding should be learnt in a comfortable environment which breeds efficiency in understanding the concept. At the same time, it should be easy for the learner to access elements and materials required for coding while learning.

    What are the Best Sites to Learn Coding for Free?

    Learning to code is an essential requirement for successful entrepreneurship. It aids in product development and other business functions. A site which can be reliable for coding should have materials such as stable websites and learning materials such as tutorials and interactive platforms. The following are some of the free code learning sites:

    1) CodeAcademy

    The site has educated over 25 million people on coding for free. Basically, CodeAcademy teaches about coding aspects such as HTML and CSS, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, and Python. The site has grown popular due to presence of materials such as tutorials and help forums which can be used by learners to increase the ability to synthesize what has been learnt.

    2) Udemy

    Udemy is a site that aims at teaching job and programming skills. The site has been functioning since 2010 and it has helped as much as over 10 million people for free. The site uses video lessons to educate its learners. However, there are online one-on-one platforms some of which are to be paid for more courses. Udemy majors in Programming for Entrepreneurs, Python Programming Introduction, and HTML & CSS.

    3) CodeHS

    You can access this site via www.codehs.com. T=it is a coding site which has gained trust among many entrepreneurs due to its surplus and high quality content. It uses videos and tutorials to educate its learners.

    4) Google Python Class

    Sites That Will Teach You Coding for Free

    In about 48 hours spent on Google Python, you can learn a lot about coding. This encompasses the controls that you should use to enhance encoding images from websites and also programming tasks. This site is mainly used for to learn Python and HTML & CSS among other programming skills.

    5) Coursera

    Coursera has over 1,000 courses based in over 110 institutions. The site charges for some programs while it offers others for free. Mainly, the site offers introductory programs in courses such as Python and HTML & CSS. Upon the interest to proceed with some courses, you are required to pay in order to get a certificate. However, most of the free programs are usually beneficial and enough to many entrepreneurs.

    6) edX

    This is an online-learning which is totally free from any teaching charges. The site is a product of Harvard University. Mainly, the site is used by students to improve their Computer Science studies. However, it is open for any individual interested in programming skills such as HTML & CSS and Python among others.

    7) Code Avengers

    This is a free site which is famously known for offering programming courses such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The courses are programmed carefully to enhance easy steps in learning and effective understanding among learners. Code Avengers has mini games offered after each session to culminate stress. This refreshes your mind while keeping you leaning for longer sessions.

    In this era, everyone can have the potential to learn and even master programming skills and language efficiently. Gone are the days when a few individuals and schools were relied for such skills. With the current numerous sites, it is possible for you to get enough skills for free to increase your programming potential.

  • Ten Sources of Free Online Technology Courses

    Sources of Free Online Technology Courses

    The internet has brought about a revolution in learning. It is now possible for a person to login and get an education for free online. The fact that online learning does not require classrooms and other overheads to operate effectively means that it is possible for such education to be offered for free. The fact that this education is offered online means that there are also some people who offer low quality course that would not be worth the time of a student.

    Owing to its nature, it is difficult for the internet to be effectively policed. Some of the courses, however are offered by reputable institutions. These free online courses do not provide academic credits but they give skills. The best bet for a good technical education online if for the student to be informed. The following are some of the sources of good quality technology courses online.

    i. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    This premium technology school keeps a collection of archived courses that were once offered in its main school. They include courses such as IT Essentials, Practical IT management, Computer Systems engineering and many others.

    ii. University of California Berkeley

    Its online section offers a course on software development. Lecture videos are available online for free.

    iii. Harvard University

    Sources of Free Online Technology CoursesHarvard offers free online courses. The courses include development of source code, computer network security, JavaScript and other languages such as HTTP and HTML.

    iv. ALISON

    This is an education initiative that puts online technology courses in one site. This allows users to have easy access. Some of the courses under this initiative include network security and cloud computing.

    v. University of California at Davis

    This university provides education particularly on Linux and Unix. The courses include C programming and Unix management.

    vi. Carnegie Mellon University

    This university offers a large array of courses online for free. Among these are technology courses. They include principles of computing.

    vii. University of Michigan

    The intention of this initiative is to help students and faculty share research. Courses are also available via iTunesU. It offers introduction to information studies for free.

    viii. Georgia Institute of Technology

    It offers computer networking for free online. These courses include Computer Networking and advanced operating systems. The computer networking course deals with questions such as data center networking and distribution of content in a network. Advanced operating systems, on the other hand explores a deeper understanding of the popular operating systems.

    ix. Microsoft Academy

    This is a virtual school by Microsoft. It offers training on advanced techniques for handling online topics. These include web design with python. It also offers training on advanced JavaScript.

    x. The Open University

    This university offers many different courses for free. In technology, it offers training in the basics of computing and Information Technology. It mainly covers basic day to day activities such as making purchases online, ending emails etc. It also focuses on advanced skills such as mobile programming and large scale programming such as for big servers.


    In the changing market place, the emphasis for work is moving more towards skills than certificates. A person who attains a free education online is still likely to earn a decent living. The amount they make is dependent on the quality of work they deliver. Freelancing and outsourcing have further expanded these opportunities.