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  • What Is GitHub?

    By definition, GitHub is a Git that is typically web-based. We also define it as a repository that controls version and a service that hosts internet. Additionally, GitHub acts in functionality management of source code, also contributing to addition of its very components.

    In essence, it allows access control and also a large number of collaboration-features. These features that are meant for projects as such as request of features, management of tasks and tracking bug.

    The GitHub

    What Is GitHubThe plans to come up with this special platform kicked off in October 1, 2007. Later on, the launching of the same was held in 2008 in the month of April. The launch was conducted by three men; Tom Preston-Werner and his colleagues, PJ Hyett and Chris Wanstrath.

    To access and otherwise manipulate the projects available on this site, we use a command-line interface for Git that is standard. Moreover, either registered or un-registered users alike have the opportunity to access repositories meant for public through browsing this site. In addition, GitHub has led to creation of several desktop clients and also plug-ins for Git.

    Some of the functions that are kind of social-networking include; followers, feeds, wikis, not forgetting a graph for social network.For us as users to be able to feed some information to GitHub, it is mandatory we first come-up with an account. However, in case of a repository that is public in nature anybody can browse freely and download.

    The advantage for having an account as a registered user is that one enjoys discussions with other users. In addition to this, the user will be able to come up with repositories, manage and suggest any desirable changes.


    GitHub is widely known to have been operated in generating codes. Moreover, there are several features and formats that it gives support to. For instance: documentation, tracking issues of concern, giving email notifications, photo-shopping, emojis among many others.

    Licensing of repositories

    Users and developers who are willing to have accounts in this site are advised to first of all look for software license. This license is seen on GitHub helps users and developers to know whether it satisfies them. The site was designed in a way that those repositories that are public in nature can be viewed by anybody.

    Censorship of GitHub

    There are some governments with censorship programs which have continuously targeted GitHub. The reason behind this is due to methods they apply in blocking; such as local and intermediary internet service provider. For instance the Chinese government has been making a lot of efforts to make a regulation of Internet-traffic.

    To illustrate this, they ended up blocking most of internet companies owned internationally. This and many other unpleasing information was conveyed through GitHub. This incidence was a great risk to this site since it definitely led to its blockage. Luckily, GitHub has ended up being unblocked despite the backlash caused by the users together with technology businesses.

    The main aspects of GitHub are Git and repository and should be understood in order to get the clear concept of this site. There is a reason as to why most developers tend to use Git in the system of version control. This is because it is more advantageous and stores changes in files and ensures file integrity as compared to other known systems.