How to Make Your Home More Organized and Tidy

How to Make Your Home More Organized and Tidy

A tidy and organized home talks a lot about its owner. Therefore, it is the goal of each person to ensure that these qualities are constituent of their home. Scattered food pieces, books, clothes, leaking taps, toys, and utensils lying everywhere depict a poor and ugly picture of a home.

However, you may have tried out different tactics to ensure that your home is organized and tidy in vain. Busing regularly busy or having young children makes this task a tedious one.

1) Start Your Day with a Tidy Bed

Waking up early will give you enough time to make your bed. Ensure that the bed sheets and pillows are put in position. If you like placing different items on your bed, you should put a halt to this. Everything should be kept in its place. This will give you a good start for the day.

2) Repair Leaking Taps

This may be in kitchen, bathroom, toilet or along the main water supply system in your home. Leaking water may make your home look unkempt since it fills out everywhere while carrying different items from place to place. You may consider calling a plumber or doing the repair yourself.

3) Regularly Clean the House

Cleaning the house allows you to have a close look at different parts of your house. Dirt, dust, and unorganized objects such as toys, clothes, and utensils always accumulate on the floor, house corners, under the bed, and in the kitchen.

Therefore, you should thoroughly clean your house in all its parts. Preferably you may use a vacuum cleaner to clean along the corners, small spaces, rug, and ventilation where dirt and dust accumulate.

4) Arrange all Items into their Places

How to Make Your Home More Organized and Tidy

This will help every member of your family to ensure that the house remains tidy and organized. It is advisable to make shelves or install wardrobes and racks which will help you to keep different things easily.

Shoes may be kept on the shoe-rack while clothes are hung and arranged in the wardrobe. Children clothes and items such as books, pens, and toys should be kept in shelves. These shelves should be strictly names according to what they have. This simplifies their search and the possibility of making the house untidy in the process.

5) Quit the Habit of Leaving Items Anywhere

This is common especially after coming home tired from work or any other place. You may find yourself having a habit of leaving your handbag, shoes, jacket, sweater, or shopping items just anywhere in the house. This habit prevents the house from being tidy and organized.

6) Conduct Laundry Regularly

Regular laundry prevents the piling up of clothes, shoes, curtains, and bed sheets among other items that need to be washed. Preferably, conduct laundry twice a week.

7) Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Be sure to wash your dishes immediately after meals. Also, avoid taking too long before you clean your kitchen containers. Prevent the habit of having dirty kitchen items scattered everywhere in the house.

8) Trim the Grass, Flowers, and Hedges in Your Compound

The grass, flowers, and hedges in your home compound should be trimmed regularly. This prevents them from growing too tall. Also, ensure that you remove the weeds that grow around your house.


Although keeping home tidy and organized requires more of your effort, you should ensure that all your family members participate in this practice. This will make the whole task effective and easier.

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