What Is 3D and Zero Gravity In a Massage Chair?

What Is 3D and Zero Gravity In a Massage Chair

A massage chair is necessary if the experience of a massage is to be maximized. Modern massage chairs have a robotic element to them. They are capable of offering the user who sits on them a good massage. The depth of the massage is usually dependent on the make-up of the chair and the preference of the user. Some of the chairs have 2D capabilities while others have 3D capabilities.

Some robotic chairs have other features like zero gravity that also play a role in enhancing customer experience. Before robotic technology was introduced massage chairs, were used to enable the masseuse to reach hard to reach places in the body such as head and neck. The following is an explanation of 3D and Zero gravity features.

3D Massage Technology

The original robotic massage chairs offered a 2D technology based service. The 3D technology improved on this and enabled the chair to have rollers that massage the back. This was much in the same manner that a masseuse would. Areas that would otherwise be neglected due to the difficulty to reach can be reached using the 3D technology. Rollers that enable this technology protrude from the main chair for 8cm to 10cm. To reach the upper shoulder and neck areas which do not lie on the surface of the chair.

How 3D Technology Improves a Massage Experience?

  • The technology allows for adjustment of the rollers. Such adjustment gives the recipient control over the depth and intensity of the massage he receives.

Zero Gravity

What Is 3D and Zero Gravity In a Massage Chair

This technology was developed by NASA to help astronauts avoid the fatigue that came with the takeoff of spaceships. It identified the neutral body position where the body is most relaxed. This position relieves pressure on the spine. A massage chair with this capacity enables the person’s feet to be reclined at 1300 above the head. Zero gravity massage is particularly helpful for people suffering from back problems.

The following are benefits of Zero gravity

  • It eliminates pressure on the spine

Most of the pressure to the spine is as a result of gravity. The neutral position which a person reaches when at zero gravity removes this pressure from the spine. Instead of having the pressure concentrated at the spine and vertebrae, it is distributed to the rest of the body.

  • Better neck and lower back massage

The distribution of the pressure on the spine to the rest of the body helps the neck and lower back to relax. Such relaxation makes it possible for the neck and lower back to be better massaged. These two areas are especially problematic for people with back problems. Making it possible for them to be properly massaged leads to relieved pain.

  • Better Lung Function

The extremely reclined position that is required for the zero-gravity posture to be achieved positions the lungs for optimum function. This ensures that for the duration of the massage the body is supplied with sufficient oxygen.


Massage chair technology is generally simple. It involves the use of water and airbags to massage the body. There is continuous development to ensure that the experience of a massage is not dependent on an individual. Some skilled masseuse may be able to apply only the right amount of pressure on the body. Those who are capable of doing a satisfactory job are only a few. A machine is not given to moods or fatigue and once well calibrated it will give perfect massages to as many as come to it.

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